cuboro CLUB Member sharing

  • Welcome to cuboro club!
    We wish to welcome you to cuboro HK.
    Hope you enjoy playing with cuboro and building interesting cuboro constructions.
    We look forward to receiving many amazing contributions from our cuboro fans, please send us pictures, videos and feedback etc to for sharing and browsing.
  • 親愛的 cuboro club 會員:
    首先感謝您們選購瑞士生產的 cuboro 軌道積木,相信您們在這段時間裡,應該已掌握基本建設 cuboro 的技巧,
    甚至領略箇中之秘技,與 cuboro fans分享。
    我們期待收到您們精彩的 cuboro 建設相片、短片及意見,歡迎電郵 一起分享您們的作品。
  • **會員活動: 創建技巧提昇班**
    會員活動及分享會, 優先邀請會員報名參加。
    如有興趣參加 cuboro 活動之會員, 請密切留意會員通訊

    ** Member Gathering: Creative Building Skill Class
    Member gathering and sharing. Priority registration for members ONLY.
    If you are interested in the activities, please check member newsletter regularly.