cuboro Books

cuboro 1

( Suitable for cuboro basis / standard / plus / multi / metro / profi / duo)

A ring binder with illustrations and removable building plans.
The first part shows a clear introduction how to build cuboro tracks.
Part two points out particularly interesting tracks.
The book is available in different languages.

Art. no 301


cuboro 2

( Suitable for cuboro standard)

The multiple winner of the cuboro championships Claus Gitter comes up with 12 master tracks for the new book «cuboro #2».
The building plans can be removed and have a size of 40 x 63 centimetres.
The tracks in the book are arranged from the 54 cubes of the basic box
«cuboro standard».

Art. no 321


cuboro 3

NEW! cuboro 3 - Mental exercise with cuboro

( Suitable for cuboro basis & standard)

The new book is divided in four topics or categories respectively and
includes tasks with simple, difficult and surprising solutions -
exciting mental exercise for professionals and for people aiming there.

Art. no 331